Arizona payday loan customers beware

This past week Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne issued a statement to payday loan customers in his state, warning them of potential fraudulent activity.

The Attorney General reports that fake law firms or fake government agencies have been conducting collection calls to consumers threatening legal action and informing them of money they owe. Consumers are asked to provide bank account information in order to collect the debt.

Like many scams, the caller will have enough personal information, such as driver’s license number or Social Security number, leading the caller to believe that the collector is legitimate.

Although payday loans are illegal as of June 2017 in the state of Arizona, any outstanding debt is still under obligation to be repaid on loans issued before this date. If you have received a call that you believe is a fraud, you can contact the Arizona Attorney General’s Office Consumer Information & Complaints Units at (602) 542-5763. A consumer complaint can also be filed online here.

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